Brent Desruisseaux

Brent Desruisseaux



Brent Desruisseaux received his law degree from the University of Alberta in 2014. As a student, he volunteered his time with student legal services and the Edmonton Community Legal Centre providing pro bono legal services. Brent has maintained a general litigation practice following his admission to the Law Society of British Columbia in 2015 – he has successfully represented clients on a variety of civil, family, and criminal law matters.

Brent understands that court can be an intimidating prospect for many clients and seeks to put them at ease by carefully explaining their rights and the range of possible outcomes. He finds immense personal and professional satisfaction protecting his clients’ interests and helping them navigate the justice system. Although he believes his clients are usually best served by negotiating a fair settlement, there are times when it is necessary to forcefully advocate in the courtroom.

In his free time, Brent enjoys gardening and exploring the great outdoors with his family.


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