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Avid Law is the largest law firm in the Greater Vancouver area founded by Sino-Canadian Lawyer. We provide services in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Avid Law is one of the most well-known law firms in the Chinese community in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. Established twelve years ago in Richmond, it is renowned for its excellent service and provides solutions in family law, real estate, and business law for various companies and commercial transactions. In June 2021, Avid Law (at the time as its predecessor CNS Law Corporation) merged with Redman Law to create synergy from its team of excellent lawyers and supporting staff.

Our firm has nearly 4000 square feet of office space in the downtown of Richmond. We have a team of dedicated lawyers including Chinese-speaking lawyers working to provide our clients with quality,
efficient, and cost-effective services.

Our litigation lawyers will competently represent you at various levels of the courts starting from Small Claims Court, the Provincial Court of British Columbia, Supreme Court of British Columbia, and the Court of Appeal. We also have a latitude of experiences with tribunals such as the Residential Tenancy Branch, the Employment Standard Branch, and at the federal level, the Federal Court. We strive to advocate ferociously for our clients’ interests and we are not afraid to turn over every stone to better our clients’ cases. Out side of the courtroom, we will negotiate and find alternative solutions to resolve disputes as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

On the other end, our solicitors will work to pre-emptively anticipate potential disputes and problems, and address them in an agreement so our clients will be in a better position in the future when the issues do arise. They will work tireless to provide you with legal advice and strategical advice in you or your companies’ best interests. We always say that spending a little bit more upfront on a solicitor will save you a lot later from having to pay a litigator and we adhere strongly to this belief to minimize our clients’ risks whether it be a prenup agreement, an employment agreement, or a business purchase and sale transaction.

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